• What is Somatic Coaching?

    The word somatics comes from the Greek root soma, which means “the living body in its wholeness.” Somatic coaching is a way to observe people holistically. It is a process in which one embodies new practices to be able to create a body of action. It is a unique coaching style that brings the body […]

  • The Ego’s Role

    Today and over the last 1.5 years, acutely so in the last several weeks, I have been challenged with my own and others misuse and misunderstanding of the role of their ego. Through meditation, study, self-reflexive practice and observation of self and others, I have arrived at the understanding I share with you here.

    Throughout history, […]

  • How Long Should Coaching Take?

    Most people get what they need out of Career and/or Leadership Coaching between 8-16 sessions. Of course, your goals, how many and the nature of you obstacles and how motivated and of an “active learner” you are will help determine the duration. There is no cookie-cutter answer that is most appropriate. However, I will share […]