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As a leadership, career, workforce and organization development coach and trainer, I help women and women-centric organizations align their careers and leadership with authentic and adaptive styles that embrace difference and bringing one's whole self to work. I focus on women's unique individual and collective gifts and skills as enhancers; along with consideration for their beingness, ideals, values and professional goals. I help women at all stages of their career to navigate the “double bind” dilemma and to develop the emotional and social intelligence to lead others with greater self-awareness, empathy and social management skills.

My approach is rather unique; I use systems thinking, somatic and mindfulness coaching, along with psychometric and personality assessments. These are rare juxtapositions that provide individuals and teams with cohesion of the interdependent parts of self and teams. Whether it’s a woman seeking coaching or an organization wanting to increase its range, I provide the tools that influence and shape purpose, performance and fulfillment of professional aspirations and organizational objectives.

My Services

Career, leadership & performance coaching

Instructional design, training & facilitation

Workforce Development Training & Consultation

Some Fun Facts

I love my work and have found my bliss. Let me help you to find yours.






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